MOON, ki-jeon


1974 born in Seoul, South Korea

2004 B.F.A in Hongik University


Solo Exhibitions

2018 "일련의 관계들의 조합 a set of relationships" (gallery GaBi, Seoul, Korea)

2017 “일련의 관계들의 조합 a set of relationships

            : Pa-ramanu 원자 너머에” (art space grove, Seoul, Korea)

2015 “ fact accompli” (gallery Grimson, Seoul, Korea)

2012 “Silent" (gallery a-cube, Seoul Korea)

2010 “Dead End Encounter ” (Seed Gallery, Suwon, Korea)

2008 ‘Fuman Story Shop - Funky Reality’, (Gallery Somi, Seoul, Korea)

2007 ‘Making living..., (Greemzip, Seoul, Korea)


Group Exhibitions

2019 “Early Blossom” (Dorossy salon, Seoul, Korea)

           "2019 Imaginary bungee jump"(Hanbyeog-won museum, Seoul, Korea)

2018 “AHAF seoul2018” (seoul, Korea)

           "Color, awaken to existence." (Ajeong museum, Seoul, Korea)

           "Huyong art ruins" (Hu museum, Gangwon, Korea)

2017 “HEXAGON” 2018 Graduation Exhibition Chosun University College of Fine Arts

           (Chosun University Museum of Art, Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea)

2015 “cherry blossoms” (UM gallery, Seoul)

           “The boundary space”(HANWON MUSEUM, Seoul)

           “documentary of trauma” The Goyang Cultural Foundation

           (Goyang AramNury MUSEUM, GyeongGi-Do)

2013 “Three Views of looking at Nature”Guro Cultural Foundation

           (Guro Arts valley Gallery, Seoul)

          “insade"(able fine art NY gallery, Seoul)

2011 “Daegu art fair" (Daegu EXCO, Daegu, Korea)

          “The New Faces at Next Door 2011"(next door Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

          “AHAF seoul2011" seoul, Korea

          “상:像상:想, Form&think(Touch ART Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2010 “The scent of Autumn (The visit of 7 strangers)” (Suim Museum, Seoul)

          “2010 Busan Biennale (Gallery Festival - Living in Evolution)"

           (Soul art space, Busan)

          “Wide Gangwon, Wind Youth”, (Park Su-Geun Museum, Gangwon)

          "Munmak Studio Young Artist Festival“(Misulguan Ganungil, Seoul)

          “KiMiArt 'Breathing House Project' -I. Drawing-” (KimiArt, Seoul)

          “Form&Formless" (Gallery Form, Busam)

2009 “Korea Tomorrow” (SETEC, Seoul)

           “Documenta Norim” (Norim Studio, Gallery Moro, Seoul)

           “Appreciation” (Norim Studio, Kookmin Ilbo Gallery, Seoul)

2008 ‘Young Artists Competition’, Gallery Jung, Seoul, Korea

           ‘Open the Door’, Art Space Door, Seoul, Korea

2007 ‘Studio Unit Open Studio 2007’, KT art hall, Seoul, Korea

           ‘Artist Day’, T-Space, Seoul, Korea

2006 ‘Award Show’, Art Space Soop, Seoul, Korea

           ‘Studio Unit Open Studio 2006’, Art Space H.U.T, Seoul, Korea

2005 ‘Love and Separation’, Munhwa Ilbo Gallery, Seoul, Korea

           ‘Studio Unit 1st show, Loaded Gun 2005’, Gallery The Space, Seoul, Korea

2004 ‘Open Show’, Art Space Ggot, Seoul, Korea


Public Collections


2010 Seoul Museum of Art

2011, 2012 National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea(Art Bank)

2015 Yangpyeong art Museum

2017 Osan Cultural Foundation


Awards / Support

2015 seoul foundation for arts and culture, Creative art support – visual

          - A solo exhibition, (seoul foundation for arts and culture)

2019 Gangwon foundation for arts and culture, Creative art support – visual

          - A solo exhibition, (Gangwon foundation for arts and culture)

adress : Moon-Studio 1F,  20 Deongneung-ro  124gagil

               Nowon-Gu Seoull City Korea 01644

e-mail : moksanha@hanmail.net

mobile : 82-10–9962-1575

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